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Kakashi: The Hero We Need In Real Life

Kakashi: The Hero We Need In Real Life

Naruto trying to chide Sasuke into sticking around to see their sensei’s true face


I love the Naruto series, especially the original series (there’s like 3). If you haven’t heard of the series, it’s about an orphan by the name of Naruto Uzimaki who find he carries the demon, the nine tailed fox, within him. With the help of his sensei, Kakashi Hataki and in time  Jiraiya, (aka: Pervy sages), help Naurto manage and control the spirit. But… that one is story for another day. We’re just focusing Naruto’s first sensei, Kakashi. Anyway, Naruto along with his peers Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno learn through Kakashi Sensei how to be ninjas. They were Team Kakashi/Team 7.

The original Naruto was great, funny and inspiring show, but there was one episode that caught my attention “Gotta See! Gotta Know!Kakashi Sensei’s True Face!” (Naruto episode 111). This episode is a “filler episode” meaning it is for the anime only and usually because it’s to give the author more time to finish their comic book, so in turn it can be included in the anime. This episode (as titled) was about finding out what what Kakashi looked like without all his coverings.

Naurto and Sasuke’s imaging of how their sensei looks like without his masked mouth piece

Sauske, as seen below, was allured by this too, and he along with Naurto and Sakura go on their adventure to solve this mystery:

Sasuke convinced into seeing their sensei’s true face.


Another imagining of their Sensei concocted by Naruto and Sasuke

Unfortunately the trio get thwarted along the way:

From left to right-Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji (from Team Asuma) blocks their viewing of their Sensei

Kakashi eventually gives them  a low-rank mission to look after a farm that leads up to a group of ninjas called the Moya Triad that were following them and wanted to get revenge on Kakashi for humiliating them and leaving them tied up three years before. Unfortunately while it, the leader of the triad was trying to gain affection of a young girl, that didn’t want his affection.

Haha! Oh the theatrics
Aniki the leader and eldest brother of the Moya Triad

Kakashi stepped in to step to protect the lady from the leader’s advances and this angered the leader further.

Within a blink of an eye, Kakashi saves (and looks like gets the girl) and ties up the brothers…again.

Haha! Sometimes I wish there were ninja in real life that would be used to protect people from being sexually harassed, since the judicial system is faulty. And as you see above Kakashi didn’t step in because he was trying to get the girl to like him, but because it was the right thing to do.  I’ve heard of men only doing things to help women in hopes in getting with a women and only getting because the girl didn’t go out with them. I mean really??? Just do it because it’s the right thing to do. If the girl doesn’t go out with him fine. If she does, fine. What matters is just helping a person in need.

Also Kakashi doesn’t need to feel to prove his “masculinity”. He’s too cool for that. He has better things to do. Some guys will need to have to prove, but Kakashi… I wish some men in real life knew they don’t need to prove they’re a man by participating in something that’s just inherently wrong  and disrespectful. Kakashi saw what was going on between the brothers and girl and didn’t just sit there and/or engage in the nonsense. He knew something was wrong and stepped up.

This what we need in real life: being able to be there for people who are in trouble. If we did this, the world could probably be a better place…and it would just be just seen in the world of cartoons and anime.