What Mental Health Is and Isn’t

It’s annoying when scrolling or talking to users on social media, to see how COMPLETELY ignorant people are on topics like mental health and how arrogant their response and perceptions on the topic of mental illness…it’s frustrating and disheartening. It’s BEYOND me how stupid and petty people can be😒


The Work….

Like what the picture shows, sometimes people are quick to judge when you “don’t look like” someone living with mental illness, without realizing how much work it takes to control your mental illness. Whether you use medication, therapy, or whatever to finally help you be at peace, it takes a lot of work to “come out of it”.

The Year of The AWESOME

I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified of this year. Already I’m behind on one of my bills (by two months), then I still have of course rent and other bills….JUST because I was extremely sick for the past two months. But there is no need of being stressed out, because well…that’s what got me sick in the FIRST place.

I am going to call this year, “The Year of the Awesome”. Why? It’s not just because I want to make a proclamation of the possibilities of what this year could bring, but also…to help prevent me falling into complete anxiety and depression. I fear that all my struggles are going to fall into this year: lack of work again, Homelessness, failing my state exam again…I’m SO scared I don’t want 2019 to be 2018 The Sequel or worse.

I have worked too far to come here in this place that I am in that year. So by having “The Year of the Awesome” my proclamation, it will serve as a reminder to myself, that even in spite of whatever hardships or losses I face this year, it’s going to be awesome, because it was nothing short but the mercy and good graces of God that I have overcome whatever financial, mental, emotional, physical and even relational obstacles that were put in my way. *Take deep breath and exhales* So here is to 2019: The Year of the Awesome!