Uber and Sexual Assault


Erica Holland, a professional dancer, who said that an Uber driver assaulted her

Poor girl. I understand her. Even as an Uber driver, I still have to be careful; I too have been sexually assaulted. Sexual assault is NO joke. So, if you haven’t been sexually assaulted or know someone who has, you SHOULD NOT judge a victim. Survivors don’t report it to “cry wolf” or “get rich” or “get revenge”; however, shame on those who do. Reporting it takes A LOT of courage, without the fear of being judged that you “caused” it or “should’ve known better”, or that reporting it won’t ruin your life and STILL while at it overcoming the shame of what happened.

Although, the guy that assaulted Ms. Erica Holland has been apprehended by the police, she and her attorney said she’d like Uber to have in the near future to add a panic button on the company’s app and mandatory dashcameras in each Uber. Not a bad idea, I should say. I as a driver have a dashcamera in my car for precautionary measures in case a rider wants to harm me. And speaking of precautionary measures…

As an Uber driver I carry one of these babies on me:


This is like the “Off!” for a would-be-assaulter may it be man OR female.  The spray can go up to 10 feet and the way to use it is on the assailant’s face…you can spray it towards eyes or their ears (side to side) and in their mouth. So what are the effects? Check it:


Painful stuff huh? Well…I won’t feel sorry for the person (Godforbid it should happen) when they attempt to hurt me when I use it on them. But I gotta say, having it around makes me feel I can protect myself better.

However, if for you or someone else come in contact with the spray, here’s some tips on how take care of it:


It doesn’t hurt to stay safe! 😀

For more information on Uber sexual assault case and where, how and/or buy pepper spray, click on the sites below:

Pepper Spray-Personal Security Alarms—SABRE Red

Professional Dancer Sues Uber, Claiming Driver Sexually Assaulted Her in East Hollywood




Hey, long time no see! I’ve been MIA I know! Just so much has been going on in my life (including an RICA exam I had to take earlier today), family, friends, work, looking for work, quitting one job and Uber. Yup, I said it, Uber, which is fun, but can be very exhausting when driving sooo many miles. Anywho, *whoo* I have so much to tell you, show you…sometimes I have drafted and some well… compiled up in my head. I hope I will be able to before the summer is up! Till then just sit back and hold on tight, ’cause I got post coming your way.

Summer Reading….On Mental Health


On vacation, but don’t have anything interesting to read? Want to know more about mental health? Want to find more books to read before you go back to school in the summer ends? Well look no further! I have a couple books (most from my bookshelf) I could recommend:








It’s Not Your Journey


“It’s Not Your Journey” chronicles a 2 year period the where, author, Rebecca Lombardo, discusses her bouts with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, self-injury, and recovery from a suicide attempt, while overcoming the loss of her brother and mother. Mrs. Lombardo’s book sheds light on what living with mental illness actually looks like in contrast to the negative depictions seen on mass media. And while yes, there are descriptions on the symptoms of mental health disorders, like for example, depression (e.g.  anger or irritability, concentration programs, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness), through her experiences you “see” what that looks like day to day.


Author Rebecca Lombardo

Her novel provides, in addition, encouragement to her readers keep on pursing their dreams and goals despite living with mental illness. I, myself, who struggle with mental illness have been inspired to stay strong and be best self, no matter what situation or person is against me…even if it’s my own mental illness. I highly recommend to book to anyone who lives or doesn’t live with a mental health disorder. It’s sure to make laugh, cry, and empower you and/or those with/without mental illness. I highly recommend you read it!

*I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review

You can also check out her website at:


I’m On Facebook

Yup people I’m on Facebook. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, a long while… Sometimes I feel having Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even WordPress (I feel like I’m  missing another website) is a bit overwhelming for me to manage…but I was to the heck with it. Yes, it will have some of the topics I have been writing about, there is some mental health articles that I will put in there, that I can’t put on here. So take time to check my Facebook site and all the cool things that help you live resiliently!

wonder woman

My icon (for now) for my Facebook site. Put her there not just ’cause I like her, but to represent the warrior within us fighting mental illness

Ezi Onyex/Living Resilient Blog Facebook Site

Me, Anxiety, and My Stomach


Ugh! My stomach hurts! And it’s not because of acid build up my stomach (although it can happen time to time). It’s because I had a panic attack. Well…it had happened yesterday on my way to work. There were sooo many things on my mind: work, relationships, my exam next month, wondering if I even studied enough… My left arm got tighter and tighter, while my left arm was tingling and getting numb, my chest was was getting tighter too. I thought I was having a heart attack! But I was to myself, “Naw! I’m only 30! I just turned 30 years old 4 months ago! I mean it so much, I had to pull into a parking lot of a nearby store, because i couldn’t drive any further. I just couldn’t. So I called my job and told them, that I had chest pain and I couldn’t come to work because of that. They understood. If only, mental illness was accepted just as easily as chest pain…

Anywho, when I eventually got home, my stomach was so much pain! *sigh* Another sign that I was really stressed out. And why wouldn’t I be? I missed a day of work, which could have really helped me out in paying bills. Great….

Chest pain + Arm numbing/tingling +stomach pain=  discomforting pain!

(just what I needed)

It took me a long time to realize it, but I had a bottle of mirtazapine (aka Atrax), my psychiatrist gave me three years ago (it’s fine; it still works). I never liked taking it because of how it made me drowsy. I mean, it worked well for panic attacks, but not something to take during a day. I had to take even hours before my bed time, so I wouldn’t get drowsy throughout the day, especially while driving. Man…I forgot how that pill knocks me out! So much so, I could sleep through all the conversations that were taking place outside my bedroom! The tightness and numbness/tingling went away, thank goodness. As for the stomach pain (acid build up)…well, it kinda still remains although, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten or because I am still stressed out.

But you know something? I think it’s because I’ve skipped my meds. Before I was diagnosed, I remember always experiencing panic attacks, but now, since I’ve been diagnosed and since I have been taking my meds, it has come less often and it’s not this painful. Two reasons… One. I have kinda been feeling peer pressure not to take my pills, from family and friends. I keep trying to explain why I’m taking it and it’s not making a drug addict.  And they’re trying to tell me, why I shouldn’t. I know they mean well, but I am doing what’s best for me. But I am ashamed of myself for giving into it. I just want to stop being judged for taking them. Reason one…I hate taking medicine. Period. Although, the irony here is I have to so I can function otherwise my anxiety. So lesson learned here: don’t stop taking your meds until you meet with your psychiatrist to discuss a plan on how to get off them.

Life Is What You Make of It


Despite my pleasant demeanor that people see me display on my face, I have been through my own share of crap.  I have told some of stories in this blog: financial hardship, a break up, betrayal, rape, domestic violence… Basically my life hasn’t been puppy dog tails and unicorns…. and stuff like that. Yet people think my life is perfect. Perfect….hahaha…perfect! C’mon…really? Do you think because I don’t come out as an emo person or I don’t whine or I treat people like crap mean I shouldn’t have to try and smile? Stop myself from trying to keep moving forward and pursue the life and treatment I deserve? No. I believed since I was a small child, that life is what you make it….that life can be crappy, but that doesn’t mean you have be crappy. I mean….that doesn’t mean you can’t to be sad or angry or frustrated, it just means you don’t mean you have to be a jerk.  You have no idea, how annoying, for example, I find out a guy is an asshole because a chick he loved treated him like him crap years and years ago. And I’m “So”? Why mistreat a woman who cares you and wants to treat you well?!  Why stick it to the person who didn’t hurt you? People man…

Any who…hardship after hardship, I knew as a small child that it was hard enough for example, to grow up in a domestic abusive household, but to allow my heart to become hardened by it was not going to happen. But  don’t get me wrong, because while I did my best not to let negative circumstances and people get the best of me, that didn’t mean it didn’t have some kind of an impact on me. I mean, heck, that’s why I am diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder for crying out loud. You would too if you didn’t have a home or people you could feel safe with. I choose to be kind to people even though it wasn’t always given to me. But again… don’t get it twisted…just because I was kind, doesn’t mean I was going to tolerate mediocrity and bullsh*t from people. I had every right to walk away from people who weren’t treating me right…even when I cared about them a lot.

So remember as hard as life can be on you, try, try, try your best to not let your heart be hardened by the world.