Everywhere, But Nowhere: Facing Homelessness

First night sleeping in car; too much stuff

Sorry for being off the blog, I’ve been facing homelessness for the nearly the past week. My time living at the dorms came to an end last friday, leaving me with nowhere to live but in my car. And man, has that been uncomfortable! I have too much crap in my car and ’cause of that I can’t put my seat down and because of that–due to a herniated back—my back aches even more and I feel kinda like a zombie from “The Walking Dead” throughout the day

Well…this my first day being homeless. I’d NEVER actually thought I’d hit this long bottom in my life. But I tried everything… calling shelters—but they’re either full or they I’m on a waiting list or I’m awaiting a 3 tier interview process–family…well things haven’t been so well with them. Unfortunately, this something I foresaw myself being homeless person as an 8 year old. Yes…as I said it…as an 8 year old…you’d be depressed too if you lived with domestic violence everyday. You could “foresee” what could happen based on was you saw and based on what you experienced. Worrying about a place to park my car and when I’m going to sleep or just the fact that I’m going to live in my car again  has given me nothing but tremendous anxiety. I’ve been dealing with sharp pains in my stomach due to incessant stress. Good thing I still have prescriptions to my anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications…..I could have gotten more going on.

I find myself asking “Why”? Why—“What did I do?” or “Where did I go wrong?” Am I being punished, because I pursued my dreams in being a teacher? The worst part is I’m not a qualified teacher because according to the California I have to pass my RICA in order to register as a certificated special education educator or resource specialist for the middle school and high school. I don’t even know why California is so strict when they place about #26 in the nation for education. I’ve tried to even applying as a long term substitute teacher, but that too requires a credential. Not being to pass that RICA and possess my physical credential makes me feel like a dummy…a failure. It’s making life hell for me. Due to lack of income and interview opportunities, I have been behind on my bills. I’m already 3 months due on my cellphone bill and if I don’t have the money by August 24th I’m screwed and further does my credit go down the drain. Oh wait! There’s more! I have to find a way to pay off my car registration and now I have creditors call me about  paying down a health insurance plan. Ugh! I’ve NEVER had such bad credit until I started this program. So for anyone thinking in becoming a teacher or going to school period—if you have the chance, live with parents, family, or whomever that dear to you and live with them.

The worst thing is the weather is so freakin’ hot right now! Currently as I writing this post, I’m in the library. But do you know what REALLY sucks? As you’re coming out from the store, people looking at your car with this “Why does this person have so much stuff in their car?” look and you have to carry yourself off with dignity (and sometimes do a little glaring. What? People are such judgmental creatures) as you approach and enter your car. Then you’re always on the road… you get so tired and you just wanna go and relax, but oh wait… it dawns on you that you don’t have a home to go to. Heck…a bed. You have find a neighborhood that is safe at night and hope that the police doesn’t kick you out of the parking lot your cars is in…Or you have creepos surrounding you. Lights are always going on and off, because of comings and goings of cars and trucks. Well…better then hearing a train’s horn blaring off. You wake up in the morning and now the challenge is this…where are you going to take a bath. Well…it’s really shower, but I use those words interchangeably. On the second day of living on the streets, by calling a non profit organization, 211, they recommended me to a church that was offering a place to shower for the homeless. And happened since this was the first Saturday of the month, the church was offering it to me. My lucky day!

Despite the bad breaks I’ve been dealing with, I guess there are some things to appreciate:

  1. I am determined, steadfast, and resourceful.
  2. I attend a great church. As an 8 year old (yeah I was rather a precocious child), I wanted to be in a church that would feel like a community and not just a place that I’d just go and come back from. They would help me make sure I don’t fall far from God (although I’ve given myself some time a way from talking to God). Again if it’s not for my spirituality (of course, my anti-anxiety and anti-depression pills), I think my depression and anxiety could have taken over me more and then I’d really be in trouble. And you know something…after 23 years…my dream came true. It took awhile, but it came true. A friend from church was kind enough to rent me a motel room for two days and was so nice to just to stretch my legs on the bed, sleep comfortably and have a place to take a shower.
  3. All in all, I’m still blessed. At least I have a car to sleep in. Not a lot of homeless people have that. Not mention I’m able to travel anywhere I want in an air-conditioned vehicle. I have access to a phone and a laptop. I have clothes I can change out of. Heck, I have a bath back scrub. In the same church that I showered in, no homeless person I saw had a bath scrub or a wash cloth, bath soap, deodorant, or even lotion. The church only had one shower and there was list of people, including myself, whose name was on the list. After 6 people went before me, it was my turn. I couldn’t believe how fast it had gotten to me. Now usually, I can take fast showers–15 mins and then I’m also brushing my teeth. “Hello?” a lady knock says behind the bathroom door. “Are you almost done?” “I’m almost done!” I replied. How long have I been in the bathroom for??? 5 minutes. “Hello?” the lady says 3 minutes later. “Almost done!” I said as I was making sure I washed every part of my body. Another 3 minutes later, “Are you almost done?” Man she’s patient. “Sorry! I’m just putting on my clothes!” I didn’t even have time to apply lotion the rest of my body and put on deodorant. Is this how people who live on the streets actually live? Man…I’ve been spoiled being able to having the time to take a bath everyday. After pretty much everyone had a shower, we all had pizza, salad, watermelon and soda and movie was put on…I think it was called “The Apostle John”.

I’m really, really trying here and I hope I’ll still be able to substitute teach at the end this month so I can start working and I can finally accrue some income. I’ll do my best to keep this blog running, but if you don’t hear from me know that I’m out in the world trying to survive and be the best self I could possibly be.


Before Saying THIS, Please Reconsider…

When I would walk across a high school campus to get to another class I had to teach as a student-teacher in the spring this year, every now and then I’d hear a student—usually when it’s an assignment that requires them to actually work or their teacher moved them to the front of the classroom—say “Man…I wanna kill myself!” The hell??? Is that how kids express themselves now days??? Whatever happened to saying, “This sucks?” or “This blows?” or “Aw, man?”  Heck…I’d EVEN accept, “This sucks monkey balls”!

It was hard during that time to know if a kid really WAS on the verge on having suicide or not. But then again—like with mental illnesses in general—people who on the verge of suicide usually DON’T usually say I’m—in a sense— “in a really bad mood.” According to an article by PsychCentral titled, “Common Signs of Someone Who May Be Suicidal“, 70% of people who commit suicide tell someone about their plans, or give other type of warning signs. But then again…there’s no right or wrong way to go through a mental illness, right?

I once was able to talk the school principal about it. He told me regardless if a student says it, to still keep an eye on them. But then how could you when kids now say as part of an everyday conversation? The next day, I had a discussion with a student for saying “I wanna kill myself” because of an math assignment he forgot to turn in. Saying this as if he isn’t ACTUALLY going to commit suicide, I told him not to say those words, because it makes people very concerned. And that suicide is a very important issue because it’s discussion not be taken lightly, because I knew a friend who had a relative die by suicide. He got quiet after that.

*Sigh* It’s sad that while there’s still a big stigma around mental illness, there is still little to no understanding about it. I mean c’mon there’s…

  • “I feel like I’m so OCD because I keep washing my hands.”


  • “I’m so depressed about (I don’t know) what’s happening between Khloé and Tristan.”

We can’t control how people react to things because it’s their feelings, their view, their experience. But we can educate people on what mental illness is and what to do if either themselves or their loved ones are going through it. Better yet, help people find more positive ways to express themselves in the goings and comings of their life.

So I have a question for YOU…was it wrong of me to tell the kid NOT to say “I wanna kill myself” or should I have given him the benefit of a doubt?

Self-Care 1

I’m very guilty of not looking after myself.  In fact, it’s rather new to me. As being the oldest child and being second in charge my mom, I have always looked after my family. So that I got down, taking care of myself…not so much. It’s really foreign to me. I’m use to looking after everyone except myself.

My question to myself (as probably for you) is what is self-care?  How do I do it? Two things about this:

  1. There is no “right” way to do self-care. You know what helps you relax in a responsible way.
  2. You may have been already been doing this already.  Heck I have, but I never knew it, but…I did know what makes me happy and de-stress:
  • Journaling/Blogging
  • Reading
  • Splashing water on my face
  • Lighting my aromatheraputic candles (Eucalyptus & Spearment scented)
  • Watching my favorite show
  • Walking
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Talking to my friends

So, I’m going to try (keyword: “try”)to be more self-aware about these helpful habits mine.

Being that it’s Self-Care Day, I urge you to find your positive healthy habits that help re-center yourself. Even though Self-Care Day began and ends today, its everyday and I’ll be putting on some posts relating to self-care starting with the one below. Have a good day!

Post-Test Anxiety

Image result for waiting look pics

This is me basically waiting for Friday to come to see my test results

I’ve been really, really worried about how I performed on my RICA exam since I took it nearly 2 weeks ago. I mean…this test is for me is a make or break moment. Next week will be my last day living in the dorms so I have to find a shelter to live in. If I pass my RICA, I don’t have to worry about living in a shelter for a long time (or at least go from one shelter to another) because God help me, I will have found an affordable 1 bedroom apartment. I’m done roommating. Just absolutely done! Thankfully my last roommate wasn’t bad like the last ones I had, but I don’t want another roommate. I can’t guarantee I’ll be fortunate to have another great roommate. In addition, some shelters may require me to live in a bedroom with 12 other people and I’m not comfortable about that, especially with my anxiety. And then on top of that, I just did an interview for a charter school last week and although I contacted them, I haven’t heard back.

I believed I did well on the test. I mean…I understood what most of the 70 questions were asking me. And man, it felt like I had superpowers! I’ve been reviewing my flashcards for the test front and back; both its definitions and its terms. And while the test did not have the terms and definitions said verbatim, I could recognize them by how the questions were asked. Then I had 5 essay questions; 3 were short essays, 1 was a medium essay and the last one was a long essay. I didn’t have time to complete the medium essay, but I put in the main answers down. I hope the essay graders will go easy on me!

Ugh! I’m trying so hard not have an ulcer right now. And I’m trying so hard to not stress out also because my back has been hurting so much the past week. I have a herniated back, so anxiety, the weather, standing or sitting too long and having the period can hurt me. I’ve done the best I can to help myself prepare for success and as of right now, I’m out of cards to play, because I hedged most my bets on passing this RICA  so I can start my life. And starting my life means I’ll have more means to reducing and managing my anxiety and depression. Living day by day, with no job, is just the worse right now. While I’m hoping I’ll get a part time job, I’m really hoping I will have seen that I’ve passed both the multiple choice and the essays. I can’t afford to either pass one and fail the other or have failed both. I mean I can take the test again, but it costs a lot.

To take this test costs $170 and I was fortunate that my professor was nice enough to pay for my test, I don’t want to disappoint her thinking she wasted her money on me. I’m scared of disappointing her. Then even if I end up paying for the test again, it may take me awhile to make up the money on my own.

In the end, while I feel that I may have passed the test, there’s a big part of me preparing for the worse. In fact, that’s the reason I’m writing and posting right this now.

Anxiety and Depression Fatigue Described Through Hogwarts Mystery

Related image

I don’t know if you like Harry Potter like myself, but there is a game that has been released since April this year for both Android and iPhone phones called “Hogwarts Mystery.” To give you a quick synopsis of the game, the setting of the game takes place around the late 80s (so no Harry, Ron, & Hermoine) where your character gets accepted into Hogwarts. However upon that you learn that your brother was involved in something that could have led to his disappearance. So you use the opportunity in Hogwarts to reveal the reason behind his disappearance.

You will meet familiar characters from the beloved book series, while meeting new characters too. You learn new spells and skills while attending classes, take part in duels, make new friends and of course discover clues pertaining your brother disappearance. Do you find your brother? Well, guess your gonna have to find out. Well…I do at least.

Related image

Proud Ravenclaw!

Since the release of this game, there has been numerous complaints about the gameplay. Me included. This isn’t even including the technological aspect of the game. For starters, when you begin the game, you don’t even get your pets, you pick your house—yes, I said it…you PICK your house. What the hell man??? But I just stuck with the house I found I belonged to after going to Pottermore…Ravenclaaaaw!

In the game the coins aren’t even referred as galleons…they’re just coins! Oh wait… there’s more! You don’t even really even use them to buy pets or some other cooler clothes (the selection is horrible. I know it’s the game, but come on…)…you have to use gems. These gems are hardly ever given the game and when they are given it’s usually when you finished one task (say out 3 or something) or when you the house cup or when you level up your friends. The worse thing though is if you want to replenish your energy (this depends on if let’s say, for example, you have an wand energy level of 33) right a way, you might have to spend a hefty amount of gems to replenish your energy.

Yeah…you can use money to buy gems, but doesn’t seem lame to use real currency just to buy fake currency??? Like for example if you wanna get 575 gems, you have to pay (in U.S. dollars) $19.99. Are you freakin’ kidding me??? That could be used to help put gas in your car, buy food, get your nails done…something a little more useful. However, if you DON’T want to spend real money to buy gems, you can wait for it to recharge. The thing is for each energy you use up, it takes about 4 minutes to get each one back. So say again you have 0 out of 33 energy left, take 1 back, you have to wait like 4 minutes. So, you have to find something do in the mean time in real life to make the time pass. I’m currently doing that now. I’m currently in year 3.

Whenever, I’m in a class, for example in the picture below, flying class, I find myself, having to choose my energy wisely.

You get your energy from tapping on the character or item outlined in blue (it can include yourself too). Depending on which character or item you tap, it displays an action you’re doing toward the character or what you’re doing in general. It also tells you how much energy is required to perform that action. For example, in that same picture, it will require 2 energy…balls, to “Ignore Merula”. Merula is this b***h (I seriously hated how she treated me when I first played this game), who is suppose to be the Malfoy of “Hogwarts Mystery” game.

Huh…to” roll your eyes” requires 2 energy points

As I continue playing the game, I found it funny, because it reminded me of how I feel when I’m anxious or depressed. For each action or conversation I engage in, I get tired! I need to wait awhile to get my energy to take part in my life.  Each time I participate in my life, doing so takes a little bit of energy out of me and then I find myself waiting–say an hour after texting a friend for 15 minutes or cooking or applying for jobs thus making take a long time to recover.   This what I think it would look like:

Energy level: 50

Talking to friends: 15

Working on applications: 30

Cooking: 10

Then to even get 1 energy level back, each one would take 10 minutes. I think that sounds about right for me.

Hmm…4 energy points to” insult” someone…that could make sense. I mean, you have to come up with a good one to do so and that can take a lot of energy.

Just like in the game and knowing I have anxiety and depression, I try to make sure to choose my energy wisely. If there is something or someone causes me anxiety or depression I either avoid it/them or I wait until I am strong enough to confront them/it. That’s why I avoid watching scary movies and people talking conspiracy theories (especially the ones that don’t make any absolute sense)…not saying that I don’t have my own, but I know that stuff trips me up. When you live with anxiety disorder you’re ALREADY thinking irrationally.

Another such example was when just recently I went to a concert with my friends and we sat in the nosebleed section (she was nice enough to give me an extra ticket). So here my mind is trying not to freak out climbing up the steps and hoping not to miss a step and going up the stairs to find our seats just felt steeper and steeper, while trying not to think about the infinite ways I could die falling. Again sorry, my mind overthinking I felt my heart racing, my breath starting to get a little shallow. Once we got up the seats, I didn’t go back down again (I had to get something to eat), till after the concert was over. While my friends wanted me to see a performance outside of the stadium, I wasn’t willing to leave. I mean…it was already exhausting for me going up the steps up the second time just because I was getting food! While I had fun, I wasn’t able to attend church next day, because I was still recovering from trying not to get anxious while climbing up the stairs. I didn’t get my energy back till the next day (Monday). It was awful! I didn’t anything done during that time!

So yeah…I made it a priority to try not to get myself involved with things situations,  or people that overwhelm me. Another reason why I avoid meddlesome people (e.g. drama queens).  If I want to engage in an activity, I have to make sure I can handle it while let’s say, I’m going to work and school. I have to in a sense, develop self-awareness. So it’s essential for me to choose my energy wisely, because I know depending on what I’m doing, it can overwhelm or exhaust me. And that’s the last thing I need.

Supernatural: Coming Back From The Darkness Within


Oh. My. Gosh. Season 13 man has had its surprises one after the other!  So, to be fair if you haven’t watched any of the episodes of this season’s Supernatural…I’d highly not recommend you continuing reading any further.


But…..if you don’t care you and just want to read my post that’s fine. Just remember you’re reading at your own risk…

Okay, so like I mentioned earlier there has been great surprises…

First we see that Kevin Tran’s alive! Or…at least we think we do…

Related image

But really, it’s an alternative universe. Damn.

Second, we see everyone favorite uncle, Uncle Bobby is alive!


Wait…it’s the Bobby from that same alternative universe. Ugggh!

I know you’re probably wondering what ANY of this has to do with my title, but I’m building up….

Then in the recent episode 18 titled, “Bring ’em Back Alive” how Ketch and Dean are back in the alternative universe (with a special talisman that will can open a rift for 24 hours) bring back Samantha (Sam and Dean’s mom) and Jack from that horrible world. But as they prepare to go in, they see a group of angels escorting some humans for execution for going against Michael.  So the angels, kill off the three of the four humans. However…before the final human left was about to be executed, this scene happens:


The hell??? This world has a Charlie Bradbury in this world too???? Aw damn… Of all the people I hope will come back with Jack and Sam of that world is Charlie and Bobby. No offense to Kevin. Is just that if you watch the earlier episode of the season 13, I feel because Michael has broken Kevin’s spirit that that world’s Kevin may do some more harm than good. Even if Kevin may not cause a problem himself that just his presence may attract a lot of bad guys or good guys with some not-so-good intentions. I would HATE it if Bobby and Charlie get killed off in this world, even if they don’t come back to our world. I don’t know if I could take it….I just can’t….

Now…Gabriel is back in season 13??? How the—he was killed off by Lucifer what…  about 8 seasons ago and just all of a sudden he’s alive??? I feel like this season is starting become more and more like a soap opera! They just keep coming back! Not that its a bad thing in Supernatural, but that’s what season 13 feels like…a soap opera.

But to be honest, I thought before I saw the picture (because when the episode “Devil’s Bargain” ended, I felt like it cut off so quickly), I thought that Michael from this world was back, but I guess not… Poor guy … still stuck in Lucifer’s Cage. Anyway, just like in the Bible, Supernatural mentions God’s four archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer. I don’t remember what happened to Raphael ’cause that was many seasons ago. But anyway, Sam and Dean needed an archangel’s grace as the final ingredient to open a rift between time and space to go back the alternate world to get back Samantha and Jack.  Gabriel was quite a surprise to see back and was just weird to see him in fear and cut up. The old Gabriel…well…he was an asshole because he always put Sam and Dean through so much crap to get them to do what he wanted. Gabriel once said people have called him many things like, “Loki” and “The Trickster”, which made me think can archangels be tricksters??? It was an odd twist for one of the respectable archangels in the Bible.


This season’s villain was Asmodeus, one of the Lucifer’s 5 prince’s of hell…and one of the last one’s standing. Now in the earlier episodes of this season after Lucifer came back from the alternate world (his son, Jack booted him there and well…he took Sam and Dean’s mom him too), he lost his grace from Michael, because he was hoping he’d use another archangel’s grace instead of his own to open up a portal to our world and continue his regime of terror. Yes…strangely the Michael in this world is the bad guy…  Anywho, Lucifer escapes and is back in the real world…with no powers. Hm. Interesting. In the search of trying to ways to regain his strength and his son, he had a partnership with Castiel. Asmodeus sensing Lucifer has return and weakened, he uses his powers to subdue Lucifer. Yeah…those two never had a chance in hell to work things out between them. Then Lucifer was surprised how strong Asmodeus (and it wasn’t because he didn’t have his powers) considering that he was his weakest creation. Then episode 18 all the pieces came together…it’s because Asmodeus milking Gabriel’s grace!

So in this episode, Gabriel, after being rescued by Ketch in the previous episode, is just an absolute hot mess…while his bruises were bad, his spirit was…broken. Gabriel might have been asshole, but he didn’t deserve this.

Regardless of the trauma (i.e sexual assault, physical abuse) a person might have gone through, survivors may experience psychological and emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioral changes. Though for this post, I’ll just focus on some of the traits that I saw with Gabriel:

Psychological and Emotional

  • Heightened anxiety or fear
  • Restlessness
  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Feelings of detachment


  • Feelings are confused or distracted


  • Exaggerated startle response (tendency to startle easily at loud noises)


  • Hyperactivity
  • Heightened tendency to behave irritably
  • Withdrawal, social isolation

Being as Gabriel was too traumatized to talk, he wrote his trauma on the wall (in Enochian).

When I saw Gabriel shaking in fear and withdrawing from his friends, it was like looking at myself. I didn’t look as he did, but that’s how I felt inside myself. I felt battered and absolutely terrified talking to people…particularly men (this after I was sexually assaulted). If you ever met me (although I might be reserved the first time meeting me; shy), I’m a social butterfly. I like to talk to people…I ask them how they feel, inquire about their week or their endeavors, listen to them when they are having a bad day… But now, I’m more hesitant.

I’m more hesitant to greet people…and I’ve been a little more judgmental of people. In the past, I would have given them a benefit of a doubt and believe that people deserve a chance in spite of their past. Now days, I’m more hesitant to do so or even tell them about my hobbies and interests. My assaulter used the very best of who I was and my hobbies and interests to take advantage of me. Any guy who even looks slightly like him (i.e. his skin tone, his long hair and shaggy looks) will cause my heart to race and I dash from wherever I am to avoid the guy, even though I find out it’s not him. There will be times his face and the disgusting image of him doing what he did/make me do, just makes my heart race and my anxiety worsens. I find myself going on his Facebook page just so I can look at has face. I know it’s strange to do this, but for some reason it gives my fear a face (because it’s literally his face) and it reminds me that he is only human. I guess you could say it’s “exposure therapy”, but I never saw it as that. I just knew it gave my fear a “face” and it helped reduce my anxiety.

So, Sam tries to console Gabriel in time of his despair (as being that he had his own experience having Lucifer in his head) as shown below:


Now I get it…as much as Sam and Dean happy Gabriel back…especially the fact that they need his grace to complete a spell that would help them bring back their mom and Jack from the alternate universe, but they have to be real….he just went through hell, both figuratively and literally.  He’s just trying to get himself back together!

When I went through my own recovery of my experience living with mental illness and overcoming sexual assault, it was annoying to hear from my loved ones to tell me to just move past it. I was trying to overcome the pain especially from the assault that was eating me inside: self-loathing, helplessness, hopelessness, anger, sadness, regret… During this time of recovery, you’re not just processing the pain you went through and the disruption is taking in your life, but you’re also trying to remember your old self.

Although it took him awhile, he eventually to responded in his usual Gabriel self.

It’s important when our loved ones are undergoing trauma, that we are careful how we respond. No, it doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to walk around them like egg shells, but just take care to the words you say or even react to them. You might have good intention to helping them, but just don’t let it consume you that you forget that it’s about how they feel and not how you feel about their trauma. Because take from me, they don’t like the way they feel any more than you do.

In an article titled, “10 Ways to Help a Friend through a Traumatic Event”, I will name a few of the examples and paraphrase them:

  • Chuck the Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda: Avoid language such as  “You shouldn’t take this so heavily.”, “You should be over this by now.” “You should go out more.” Speak out of unconditional love.
  • Take the back seat: Kinda in a sense, think before you talk. “If you’re going to open your mouth,” states Clinical psychologist Susan Silk in the article, “ask yourself if what you are about to say is likely to provide comfort and support.  If it isn’t don’t say it.”
  • Accept. Don’t judge: Basically just allow them express their feelings and their experience. Allow them to grieve and just be there to comfort and console them.

(Source: Taking Care of Yourself after a Traumatic Event)

It’s hard to see a loved one go through such an upsetting circumstance and then see them withdraw from themselves and their loved ones. But let me tell you something as being one who is overcoming their own trauma, it may take awhile (maybe not as quick as Gabriel did…then again he is an archangel…and perhaps the story needed to happen quickly as well), but you or your loved one will overcome the darkness within them. Just be there for them and they’ll come out alright.

Ugh! I’m so glad too that Gabriel took out Asmodeus. I couldn’t stand how cocky he was. When I saw him decimate Asmodeous, Gabriel reminded me how I viewed my own assailant, a lowly creature that was no longer my captor.

To read the other ways to console a loved one and yourself while consoling a loved one, click on the link below:

10 Ways to Help a Friend through a Traumatic Event

To read more on the forms of self-care, click on the link below:

Taking Care of Yourself after a Traumatic Event

It’s National Minority Mental Health Month

Just like mental illness is not just for white people, NMMH or National Minority Mental Health isn’t just for African Americans. The month helps to remind people of all minority backgrounds—Hispanics, Asian, LGBTQ—to look after their mental health, because well just like your physical health, your mental health deserves to be looked after too.